In the FRESCO-2 study 

A quality of life survey taken as part of the study showed more than 70% of people taking FRUZAQLA + BSC reported their symptoms staying the same or taking longer to get worse compared with people taking placebo + BSC.

People taking FRUZAQLA completed several questionnaires that used different scales to measure well-being.

  • These scales measure the time it takes for symptoms of cancer to get worse
  • The questions cover how well people lived their lives with the disease (in terms of physical, emotional, and social functioning) and how bad their symptoms were
  • The surveys did not consider other factors that can impact how quickly or slowly symptoms of disease progress
What is quality of life? You might hear your doctor talk about quality of life. This measures a person's physical and emotional well­being. It also measures their ability to do activities or functions of daily living.

Symptoms that took longer to get worse with FRUZAQLA + BSC vs placebo + BSC:


Emotional health


Social well-being


Tiredness (fatigue)




Trouble sleeping (insomnia)

Symptoms that stayed the same with FRUZAQLA + BSC vs placebo + BSC:


Physical health


Brain functions (like memory or attention)



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