How can FRUZAQLA® (fruquintinib) help?

FRUZAQLA was studied across 2 trials that included more than 1100 people

The 2 studies were called FRESCO and FRESCO-2. FRESCO was a single-country study, while FRESCO-2 was a global study. Because FRESCO-2 included adults with previously treated mCRC from several countries, we are focusing on these results. It compared people taking FRUZAQLA plus best supportive care* with people taking placebo (sugar pill) plus best supportive care.

People in FRESCO-2 were between 25 and 86 years old. The median age was 64 years. They had all received chemotherapy in the past.


The FRESCO-2 study measured a few things about FRUZAQLA, including:


Do people live longer with FRUZAQLA compared with placebo?


Does it take longer for people's mCRC to get worse with FRUZAQLA compared with placebo?


Are people taking FRUZAQLA able to preserve their daily function compared with people taking placebo?


How safe is FRUZAQLA?

*Best supportive care (or BSC) focuses on managing stage 4 colon cancer symptoms and keeping you as well as possible. It may include things like counseling or pain management.

Median=the midpoint value of a range of values.

Results with FRUZAQLA

People taking FRUZAQLA® were 34% more likely to live longer than people taking placebo. People taking FRUZAQLA® had a 68% reduced risk of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) getting worse compared to people taking placebo.

How to take FRUZAQLA

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Side effects with FRUZAQLA

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Quality of life

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